Turtlenecks have made a big comeback and are yet again an essential part of every woman's wardrobe. This has been fueled by the layering trend that has taken the world by storm, where layers upon layers are added to every streetstyle outfit. As a rather traditionally thin clothing item, the turtleneck makes for the perfect underlayer for different outfits, as other layers, such as sweaters and pullovers, can easily be added over. With both form-fitting and more loose turtlenecks, at Månestråle you are sure to find a knit that fits your taste and will keep you warm on every occasion. And even if you prefer to stick to one layer, our thick turtlenecks are perfect for you, as they can act as a sweater on very cold days.

At Månestråle, you are guaranteed long-lasting knitwear, which, with the right care, can last for many years. We offer the softest and finest knit turtlenecks in cashmere, mohair yarn, merino wool and lambswool. Besides being comfortable to wear, cashmere and wool also have natural antibacterial and self-cleaning properties, which means you can use your knit multiple times before it needs to be washed.

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