About Månestråle

Månestråle was founded in 2001 after Marise and Nikolaj Østergaard met some of the best cashmere artisans in the world. This turning point was the beginning of their future business ventures and the beginning of the now well-known Danish brand Månestråle.

All Månestråle items are made of carefully selected yarns. We use Vicuna cashmere from Inner Mongolia, the finest Italian wool and an exclusive mix of Italian Mohair. The Italian wool and Mongolian cashmere are of the highest quality in the world and are known for being exceptionally soft and for its remarkable insulation capacities. To uphold the wonderful craft of cashmere and wool and support the tradition, Månestråle works solely with small farmers and factories in Mauritius. These have been perfecting their production through a long history of know-how and craftsmanship.


Månestråle cashmere yarn comes from the undercoat of cashmere goats, who lives in the mountains of Inner Mongolia. This area is characterized by wide temperature fluctuations, which spans between 25° and -40°C. To survive the harsh climate, the cashmere goats have developed double wool layers. The outer layer protects the goats from rain and other external factors, and the inner undercoat keeps the goats warm during winter and cooled down during summer. It is the ultra-fine and very rare yarn from the undercoat, which is used for Månestråle knitwear. 

The process of harvesting the yarn is utterly harmless to the goats.

All Månestråle cashmere and wool knitwear is due to the nature of the yarn biodegradable. This means that you could technically bury it in the ground, where it will disappear. However, if you do not want your Månestråle item any longer, we recommend that you hand it over to your local charity shop and make someone else very happy.


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